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Fastest and easiest way to analyze and forecast Market movements using Latest Cluster Defining technology… 

…helping you make better and more accurate trades.

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Why Us?

23 years of Research

We spent years on testing and information gathering to perfect our market models and come up with our signature software systems

High quality Deep Analysis modeling

Our models are statistically proven and back-tested to be reliable, taking into account a multitude of different factors.

Used by thousands of traders

We have 3000+ active clients from across the globe, who's been with us for nearly a decade now.

Earn Money Consistently

Stable results with the highest accuracy would allow you to make the most profitable trades you had ever seen!

Exceptional Support

Out software development team who helped to create this software from scratch are prepared to answer every single question.

Easy To Use

Several clicks give you all of the power of Deep Analysys Theory to be applied to the unpredictable Stock market with great success and accuracy.

Tech Behind It

Generally, prediction of stock prices is considered to be a very difficult problem. However, we tackle it from a different angle, as for us “to trade effectively” is not to predict the future stock price but the optimal moment to buy or sell the stock.

On one hand, deep analysis methods can be used to predict the stock price, and on the other hand – technical analysis indicators determine the optimal transaction points.

To all of that the human factor is added since it is the user of the trading software, who can finally decide whether to agree or not with the program decision.

In our approach we try to take into account the best features of all three sources (deep analysis, technical analysis and human factor) together, to build a robust trading system. In our software we choose to use MLP Deep Analysis as the model and focus on searching for an optimal set of input variables, which allows us to maximize the gains in the trade, rather than only predict the stock price most accurately.

How can you benefit from our software?

Saves you money

By using a free data-feed, you don’t have any additional expenses or new services to purchase. You can run it whenever you choose!

Gives you Confidence

in your trading so you can be confident when entering and exiting trades in their current trend direction, just follow the signals generated by the software.

Saves you time

No need to spend hours on market analysis before placing the order. This software will create all the professional deep market analysis in seconds.

Makes you money

This software will help you make more money, with less effort, than any other stock analysis software.

Turns beginner traders

into more effective traders and advanced traders into a financial analysts.

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