Unusual Volume Options Scanner 3.0 software released!

Do you trade options or stocks?
If so-you must check our newest version of Options Scanner software that has been released today! New Options Scanner 3.0 now is connected to updated FREE data source, and has up to date FULL list of all optionable symbols traded on AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ, combined into one list if you want to scan the whole symbols universe, or separated by sectors.

The software allows you to…

  • Find new trading opportunities by finding options with unusual options volume via end of day scanner.
  • Pick stocks with institutional support by watching where the big buys and sells are happing in the underlying options.
  • Find potential BIG winners by looking where the elephants leave their footprints in the markets. It’s illegal for them to do insider trading, but not illegal for US to look for their unusual trading volume!